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Jazz standards, new songs, a 2000 years old poem and a Chick Corea song. All in Latin. Because Judith once graduated in Greek en Latin. And now it’s time to combine the beautiful Latin with the love for jazz.

Judith and her band recorded 9 songs.
The lyrics are translated from English and Dutch to Latin. Some are literal translations, but most of them are loosely translated.
The first reviews are enthusiastic.

Judith Nijland – vocals
Tico Pierhagen – piano
Pieter Althuis – double bass
Arie den Boer – drums
Teus Nobel – trumpet

From Catullus to Chick Corea
Jazz standards, new songs, a 2000-year-old poem by Catullus and a Chick Corea song. All in Latin. Because Judith once graduated in Greek and Latin. And because she really wants to integrate the beautiful Latin and her love for jazz.

Carmina Latina
Carmina Latina means songs in Latin. Jazz standards such as Summertime and The Girl from Ipanema were translated into Latin for this album. Judith also wrote new pieces and the music to a 2000-year-old poem of Roman poet Catullus. Carmina Latina links the stories of 2000 years ago with those of the present times.

Love for Latin
It’s Judith’s personal mission to give the Latin language some extra loving attention. Latin is more than that school subject you drop, more than the urbi et orbi by the pope. Latin is a beautiful language and so many languages from all over the world originated from it. We are not exactly sure how it was pronounced. But from what has been researched, we have a pretty good idea. Recently Judith immersed herself in both the classic and the medieval pronunciation of Latin.

Release concert

Live recording with trio

Live recording with trio