2006 – Maxanter Records

Judith Nijland | vocals
Lisa Boray | vocals
Arjan Hoek | piano
Marnix van Bruggen | piano
Wolf Martini | guitar
Florian Zenker | guitar
Pieter Althuis | bass
Arie den Boer | drums
Frank Wardenier| percussion
Christof May | saxophone
Jasper Gloerich | trumpet
Rainer Muller | trombone
Herman van Haaren | violin
Friedmar Hitzer | violin
Iris Schut | viola
Annie Tangberg | cello

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“We receive a lot of CD’s from jazz groups, singers both male and female, but every now and then one of them stands out, like Judith Nijland.”
Jacques Klöters, National Radio 2

“Judith Nijland is top of the bill jazz (…) Suitcase of Songs is a glorious CD including a disco classic, a hardrock record and a Carpenters song. A lot of fine personal work as well.”
Omroep Gelderland, Broadcasting Gelderland

“First class songs with nice arrangements by a more than good singer and songwriter who combines talent, guts and originality in a more then fine manner.”
National Dutch Pop Institute

“Judith Nijland’s warm timbre is rare, her ability to present herself unpretentiously through the delicacy of her lyrics, her musical jokes and lovely looks, make her stand out in an international market.”
Franz Becker/Online Music Magazine Germany

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