Judith and Czech guitarist Libor Šmoldas are joining forces in a great new project called Songs of Wes. This tribute to jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery will tell the man’s story by bringing the original songs. Judith and Libor pay their creative and musical respect to the man’s great legacy.
Judith and Libor played their Songs of Wes already succesful in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Czech Republic and Australia.


Wes Montgomery
Wes Montgomery (1923 –1968) is an American jazz guitar legend. He virtually defined modern jazz guitar during the 1950s and ’60s. He was self-taught and developed an unorthodox playing technique – using his thumb instead of a guitar pick. He influenced generations of players who followed him, guitar icons such as George Benson, Pat Martino, John Scofield, Pat Metheny.


Collaboration Judith and Libor
Judith and Libor were introduced to each other at the Brisbane Jazz Club in Australia. While seperately touring down under in January 2017, mutual jazz musicians invited them to do a concert together. The collabration was born. Back home in Europe, Judith started the project Songs of Wes and she knew right away Libor had to be the one to join her. 


Honouring Wes
Judith discovered Wes’ music a couple of years ago when she heard Wes’ original Road Song. She fell in love with the song, put lyrics to it and recorded it on a cd in 2013.
For the project Songs of Wes Judith carefully sorted various songs from Wes – from his early to his later years- and wrote lyrics to them.
Libor made great arrangements and even wrote his own song in honour of Wes.
Libor: “Out of all the amazing guitarists across the history of jazz Wes has always had a special place in my heart. I consider him the big guru of jazz guitar. If there is one person you can learn to play jazz on guitar from it’s him! I was so glad when Judith suggested to play his music and I am very happy to be part of this project.”


Libor Šmoldas
Prague is home to one of Europe’s top jazz guitarists Libor Šmoldas.
Besides leading Czech and European musicians he has worked, toured and recorded with international stars such as bassists Jay Anderson and George Mraz, drummers Jeff Ballard and Adam Nussbaum, organists Sam Yahel, Ondrej Pivec and Brian Charette and legendary saxophonist Bobby Watson.

Libor’s concert activities include four continents, most European countries, USA, Australia, China, cities like New York, Brisbane, Washington, Dublin, Denver, Sydney, Beijing, Istanbul, Milan, Melbourne, Berlin and London including the world’s most prestigious jazz clubs such as Pizza express, Smalls, Iridium, Blue Note, Dear Head Inn, and Bennetts Lane.

Libor has released multiple albums both as a leader and a sideman.
Still so young, at age of 35, Libor is widely considered to be one of the best jazz musicians in the Czech Republic and a leading representative of his generation. Critics appreciate his smooth, melodic approach backed by apparent love of jazz.

“Europe’s rising young jazz star “
– All About Jazz, USA

“The leading Czech guitarist”

– LondonJazzNews, UK

“One of the fastest-rising talents on the Prague jazz scene.”
– The Prague Post, CZ

“A warm, inventive straight-ahead guitarist with some great ideas and the chops to express them.”
– Jazz Express, USA