Music & lyrics: C. Orff (Carmina Burana)
Arrangement: J. Nijland

Omnia sol temperat
Purus et subtilis
Novo mundo reserat
Faciem Aprilis
Ad Amorem properat
Animus herilis
Et iocundis imperat
Deus puerilis

Rerum tanta novitas
In sollemni vere
Et veris auctoritas
Iubet nos gaudere
Vias prebet solitas
Et in tuo vere
Fides est et probitas
Tuum retinere

Ama me fideliter
Fidem meam nota
De corde totaliter
Et ex mente tota
Sum presentialiter
Absens in remota
Quisquis amat taliter
Volvitur in rota


The sun warms everything
Pure and gentle
Once again it reveals to the world
April’s face
The soul of man
Is urged towards love
And joys are governed
By the boy-god

All this rebirth
In spring’s festivity
And spring’s power
Bids us to rejoice
It shows us paths we know well
And in your springtime
It is true and right
To keep what is yours

Love me faithfully
See how I am faithful
With all my heart
And with all my soul
I am with you
Even when I am far away
Whosoever loves this much
Turns on the wheel