Jazz standards, new songs, a poem of Catullus (1st century BC) and a Chick Corea song. All in Latin.
Because Judith graduated in the Latin language before she studied at the conservatory.
And now it’s finally time to combine this beautiful language and her love for jazz.

The songs are about borders. From the Roman Border (The Limes), to the limitations of time, your own boundaries and how to go beyond your limits. Something to think and smile about. While listening to this beautiful language, the root of so many Roman languages we still speak today.

You have to hear this. It’s unique and daring.
Carpe diem, right?


Poem of Latin poet Catullus, 1st century BC. Music written by Judith.

Judith Nijland – vocals
Tico Pierhagen – piano
Pieter Althuis – double bass
Arie den Boer – drums