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Judith thoroughly enjoys her life and music.
And she radiates that joy.
She has a wide catalogue, from material that is written by herself to jazz standards and pop songs.
Never without giving pieces her own touch.
Her main focus is jazz.

Judith is music. Starting at a young age she participated in talent shows with her self-written songs.  The piano at home is often played and used for private try outs and classical lessons. After graduating in Greek and Latin, Judith studied Jazz at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. After completion Judith focusses more on writing her own material, and jazz remains her true love.

Her clear and warm voice with a wide range is very flexible. People often compare her voice to the sound of the late Karen Carpenter.
On stage Judith takes you on a journey and above all clearly enjoys interacting with her band and the audience.

Judith Nijland - 02b kopie

Judith released five albums.

A Jazz Tribute to ABBA | 2016
Trav’lin’ Light | 2013
Four Zero | 2011
Suitcase of Songs | 2006
The Beautiful Reality of Life | 2003

She collaborated on her albums with many great musicians like Yuri Honing, Rob van Bavel, Peter Beets and Teus Nobel. And she has been touring in her own country, but also played her music in many countries in Europe, the U.S.A, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

Judith Nijland - 12b kopie


‘Judith Nijland is top of the bill jazz’
Dutch Broadcasting

‘We receive a lot of CD’s from jazz groups, singers both male and female, but every now and then one of them stands out, like Judith Nijland.’
National Radio 2

‘That A Jazz Tribute to ABBA turned out to be so extraordinary excellent is a result of the studious, professional and creative way Nijland and her band arranged the songs.’

‘Judith Nijland’s sophisticated ability to interpret and the striking performance of her band (…) always keep it interesting and not only shed a new light on ABBA’s work but also peek further interest in Judith Nijland’s future material.’
Jazzenzo Jazz Magazine

‘Productive and versatile as a songwriter, she seems to easily come up with catchy lyrics, beautiful melodies and suitable arrangements.’
AD, Dutch Newspaper

‘Her own fresh spirit…great scatting…just as surpising as daring…Judith Nijland is known as a jazzsinger, but her style is much more than that’
Rotterdam Newspaper

‘Judith Nijland has a delightful, excellently trained alt and a very pleasant lazy timing while also having the guts to take tracks to her own ends.
She scats as one of the best and her elegant appearance and the charming way she speaks at the introduction of her songs, complete the picture.’
The Stentor Newspaper